Doctors, frustration, and ports, oh my. 

I had my immunology appointment on Tuesday. The doctor and his resident were both very nice and clearly want to make sure that they are covering all their bases. He seemed cautious and a teeny bit skeptical. I’m a little frustrated with that because he has access to the records where the doctors wrote that my parents and I are crazy, and that I was making my symptoms up. I haven’t seen those doctors in almost two years, and we have thouroughly disproved that notion with data, but he doesn’t know that. He suggested starting a few new medications in hopes of getting better control of the reactions, as well as some testing that we can do in order to move forward. I really wish that doctors who incorrectly treated me and caused a lot of problems were not still effecting my treatment, even in small ways.
I had blood drawn at the clinic, and it took three phlebotomists and five sticks (plus a lot of fishing around) before we had enough blood in order to fill the few tubes that the doctor wanted. Oh, how I miss my central line. My dad called the vascular surgery center this morning, and I will be having my port placed next Wednesday, rather than at the end of June. It was delayed because of the reactions, but it’s really kind of ridiculous to continue without a line when I’m needing access so often. I really trust the people who are going to be putting it in, and I’m confident that they will deal with any issues that arise during the procedure.
I had a reaction today, and was very close to needing my epipen, but luckily the medication finally hit and it started to calm down (thank goodness!).
I see several of my doctors in the next couple weeks, and I also will be traveling to Oregon for something I’m really looking forward to: I’m getting a service dog! I’m so excited to move forward with a new chapter of independence.

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